How to Adjust or Turn Off SmartScreen Filter in Windows 7, 8, 10

Window SmartScreen is one of the program added to Windows OS. It protect Windows user against install malicious activities mostly included inform of advertisements and downloads. it's activated by default IE Internet Explore and Edge browsers . The SmartScreen filter is available on Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1, Windows 10 platforms

Features of Windows SmartScreen

As you browse the web and use Windows, the Windows SmartScreen filter checks out the sites you visit and the programs you download.

The Windows SmartScreen examine and filter's out every site through your browser . 

A warning page is displayed once it detect a suspicious or an activity that has been reported as dangerous. It prompt you to either continue or go back to the previous page . And more there is a povision for you to give a feedback about the page or the suspecious download.

Window SmartScreen detected a particular threat from you activities and at the same time create a list of similar threat from where ever they are detected for you to avoid them considering all to be untrustworthy .  This list are available to the Microsoft to maintains, as they recommend you to completely enable the features Window SmartScreen to keep your computer safe from malware and any form of phishing scams. 

How to Disable the SmartScreen Filter

Warning: The following steps show you how to turn of this feature, but understand doing so exposes you to additional risk.

To disable the SmartScreen filter in Internet Explorer:

  1. Click to open Internet Explorer.
  2. Select the "Tools button" , then scroll to "select Safety".
  3. Click Turn Off Windows Defender SmartScreen.

Click OK.

To disable the SmartScreen Filter in Edge:

  • Open Edge.
  • Select the three dots in the top left corner and click Settings.
  • Click View Advanced Settings.
  • Move the slider from On to Off in the section labeled Help Protect Me From Malicious Sites And Downloads With Windows Defender SmartScreen. 

You can as well enable Windows SmartScreen by repeating the above steps and opting to turn on the filter instead of turning it off.

Note: Once you de-activate Smartscreen from your browser , you are expose to virus or malware attack likewise If you turn off the SmartScreen feature and get malware on your computer, you might have to manually remove it if you antivirus or window defender won't able to remove it .

Share your observation with the SmartScreen Solution

You can always report to Microsoft if on using IE and you discorver an untrustworthy web page of which you didn't receive any warning about it likewise if you found your self on a dangerous page and you know it isn't , you can report as well on the warning page.

observe the steps bellow to report that a site does not contain threats to users in Internet Explorer:

  1. From the warning page, select More Information.
  2. Click Report That This Site Does Not Contain Threats.
  3. Follow the instructions at the Microsoft Feedback site.

To report that a site does contain threats in Internet Explorer browser :

  • Click Tools, and click Safety.
  • Click Report Unsafe Website. 

More alternative option on the Tools 

  • click on Safety menu in Internet Explorer that has to do with identifying pages as dangerous or not.
  • Click this option to manually check the website against Microsoft's list of dangerous sites.

How to report that a site contains threats to users in Edge browser:

From the warning page, click the three dots in the top right corner.

  • Click Send Feedback.
  • Click Report Unsafe Site.

Follow the instructions on the resulting web page.

how to report that a site does not contain threats in Edge browser:

  • From the warning page, click the link for More information.
  • Click Report that this site does not contain threats.

Follow the instructions on the resulting web page.

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How to Adjust or Turn Off SmartScreen Filter in Windows 7, 8, 10

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