More About Cortana Your Microsoft Virtual Assistance

Cortana is a digital assistant program setup by Microsoft's for the purpose of virtual assistance to its devices users.

Cortana Your Microsoft Virtual Assistance

Cortana is a digital assistant program setup by Microsoft's for the purpose of virtual assistance to its device user. Cortana is present on Windows PCs and laptops, likewise on tablet and Android phones.  

It's a similar technologies share on Android as google assistance, as Siri on an iPhone, its as well Alexa on Amazon's Echo. All the listed are of no difference

How will I enable 'Hey, Cortana' on Windows 10

  • To activate "Hey, Cortana," I will click in the search box located in the Taskbar. then the Search window comes up, I will click the Notebook icon located on the left side of the window.
  • Proceed, click the Settings icon you can find it on the left side of the window. 
  • Next you will find a switch to enable Hey Cortana. Click on it, it will slide it to the On position.

What are the features of Cortana

On a default settings Cortana serves as you personal weather and news channel. Its can serve you more as an encyclopedia, almanac, dictionary, and thesaurus too, though.  

Just in use, you can type or say things like “What’s another word for Success?” and immediately see a list of synonyms. You can ask what a particular thing is and virtually everything in question of all present online.

Cortana connect to the search engine Bing to answer factual questions like these. If the answer is a simple one, it will appear immediately in the Search window results. In any case Cortana isn’t sure of the answer, she will open your default web browser with your search results that you can examine to find the answer yourself.

Sometimes you you may want Cortana to answer a personalized question, then you must give Cortana access to your location.

These are answer to question like ; " where is a cafe?" or where is post office locate?". On such request you must allow Cortana to access you location on your device to give you an accurate answer.

Give Cortana permission to access your location, she will act more like a real assistant and less like a search tool. I highly suggest you do that when prompted, if not you do not grant unwarranted access to you location . With your location enabled, if you ask if you ask "Where's the closest pharmacy?" she'll know that too.

If you want more give Cortana additional permissions beyond your location then you have it for a better performance. If you allow Cortana to access your calendar, email, contacts, and messages. Once you give all access she can alert and remind you of the appointments, birthdays, and other data she finds there. She will always carry out all instruction given to her always in appropriate and punctual timing. The more you work with Cortana, the better she’ll get!

How To Communicate With Cortana

Communication with Cortana could take several means. start to type your query or command in the Search area of the Taskbar otherwise use a verbal commands if your computer have a microphone. You’ll see the results as you type, which is quite a easy, and makes it possible to stop typing and you just click any result that matches your query immediately. This might serve as a better option to choose if you’re in a noisy environment. But If you have a functioning microphone installed and working on your tablet or PC, you can click inside the Search window on the Taskbar, then click the microphone icon.

At any moment just speak to Cortana using your natural voice and language. She will give her own interpretation of what she hears will appear in the Search box. Moreover, its depends on what you say, she might as well talk back, in response to your request so listen carefully.

How Cortana Learns About Human

Cortana learns about you from the start when you connected through your connected Microsoft Account Email address. This Email you give to Cortana is this account Cortana obtains your name and age, and any other facts you've supplied. 

Cortana utilize Microsoft account and not a local account for you to get the most from Cortana. The Email most be or 

Cortana get more comfortable with your voice as much time you give her and more verbal commands. Ensure you spend some time asking questions. And along its more of fun, so enjoy and get the best out of Cortana asking her virtually anything possible and sometimes you will be amaze by her response.

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More About Cortana Your Microsoft Virtual Assistance

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